Red Baron Sydney Intense Adventure


Intense Aerobatics Experience in the Extra 330LX

Experience the thrill of flight. Take control and fly the aircraft through Aerobatic manoeuvres like a loop and a roll.Explanation of the mechanics of flight - Take control of the aircraft - Take the aircraft through a loops and rolls

Duration 18 minutes - $550

Intense Open Canopy Aerobatics Experience in the Red Baron Pitts Special

Altitude of 3500-4000ft - Over St Mary's and the foot hills of the Great Dividing Range - Loops, barrel rolls, wingovers, hammerhead turns, inverted flight, hesitation roll, Cuban eights  - You'll experience between 3 to 6G

30 minute duration - $550

Sydney Harbour and Northern Beaches in the Open Canopy Pitts Special with an extended and Intense Aerobatic session

Acrobatics at 2500ft - Loops and rolls - You'll fly over Hornsby, Homebush bay, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Rose Bay, Bondi, The Spit, Manly, Long Reef, Palm Beach

70 minute duration - $777